Thursday, April 8, 2010

Under The Guns

Hey folks! Over the last month I've been working under a small degree of self-imposed pressure in order to make a bunch of new work for a show going up in Montreal. The show, for you Montrealers interested in visiting in person (!), is being held at a lovely little resto-bar called Bistro In Vivo, located a few blocks east of Pie IX on St. Catherine street. I've also been working with a new friend and amazing local artist Pam Lobb, to improve my printing skills and try out some new techniques on the press. Sometimes working ''under the gun'' can generate some unexpectedly successful results, and I feel like this month has done just that.

These images are examples of the prints that came out of the past month's hard work. They're done with a brand new (at least to me) type of Litho technique, with something magic called Prollo Paper. Amazing stuff!! These pieces are printed, painted, and drawn on. Each one is unique. Hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

I also have a few pieces up at Belly Cafe & Catering on Queen West, for those of you in Toronto. I used to work at Belly, and they have the most AMAZING coffee and treats on offer. The ladies who work there; Luciana, Paulina and the delightfully spicy owner Nicole Kruzick, are so great to visit with and will always treat you right . I owe them a big thank you for all the good times, and for putting my work up in that cheery little spot. Check it out, and get yourself some zucchini cake.

Titles: Red Coyote & Bees; Bear, Gun & Snowberries; C-Battery II; Black Bear & Clover I; Bear, Gun & Light Clover. Mixed media drawings.