Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keep Going Mutha-fckr!!!

1.Red Goat Tree: watercolour, ink and graphite on paper.

This goat seems to be becoming a central figure in a series that has yet to really coalesce in real life, but which has been growing in my mind like a forest.The one I drew first now lives with my friends in Montreal. That's the one with the giant tree, and the goat is eating a huge map of Canada. I'm hoping the series will just keep going and going.

Right now the Young Goat Image below is up on the wall at Belly Cafe at 1574 Queen, for anyone who'd like to check it out. This one is full of Canadian can see David Suzuki there in the back, Margaret Atwood, and Louis Riel.

2.Young Goat Pool: watercolour, ink and graphite on paper.

It's funny how your feelings about a certain piece can really change over time. When i first started this latest drawing I kind of hated it. Even when it was mostly done, I was still really unhappy about the way it had turned out, and I had basically decided not to show it but re-do the entire thing a different way.

After a few months break, I went back to it to tweak a few things. Suddenly I find that I'm enjoying the piece more and more. I'd still like to do it again anyway (always a good exercise) but suddenly it's one my favourite drawings to show people. I'm so glad I worked through the problems to get to a point of resolution and satisfaction.

So that's my reminder to everyone today. Don't forget that you can keep going, and re-try and erase and do-again, until you are happy with a piece of work. It just takes a bit of time and effort, which everybody has. You don't have to give it up. Sometimes it really pays off to keep going.


  1. thank you sweet erin for this essential reminder!

  2. Amen sister! You know what's hilarious? I just posted and also used mutha @#$%&. Great minds, lady. By the way, your work blows my mind. You will achieve world domination. xo