Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Animals & Nature: recent drawings

Wild animals hold a special power over us humans. We don't just acknowledge their existance on the fringes of our own constructed worlds. We, positively or negatively, are affected emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps spiritually by their wildness.

When we see them we may be afraid of them, but there is something fascinating and awe-inspiring about witnessing their living presence. We seek to aquire information regarding their lives. We delight in their movements, their habits and their remarkable physical bodies. We wonder what they think about. We speculate about why they do what they do. And we gaze and we watch. And we wonder.

I think that sometimes the world of nature, and the beings that belong to it, can exist as a kind of real-life magic for us. It is both sacred and natural. I hope we never lose that, and that our children will always scream with excitement when birds come and eat crackers from their mitts!

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  1. Something about your work invokes a very particular image of Canada and it's wildness. I always appreciate how your drawings always help me look at things in a new or different way. thanks buddy! keep drawing!