Thursday, April 16, 2009

The First Line

" On this mountain's brutish forehead with terror of space/ I stir, of the changeless night and the stark ranges/ of nothing, pulsing down from beyond and between/ the fragile planets. We are a spark beleaguered/ by darkness; this twinkle we make in a corner of emptiness/, how shall we utter our fear..."

Earle Birney, Canadian Poet 1904-1995

A brutal beginning! But I have to admit that the combination of image and text has always intimidated me. I'll do my best to illuminate the lines that I put down, in hopes of communicating something interesting, or at least to document my own interest. Lets all hold our candles up as best we can, despite all the trembling and the flickers, and the blinking.

This first image you see here is one done for a show titled Needles Under Snow, from 2 years ago. I've always meant to continue the series, as our northern forests become consumed by the Pine Beetle. The landscape is changing, not so gradually, and I can't help appreciating it's beauty in this time of rampant red consumption.

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