Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good Things......!

I started drawing Magpies for my friend Kelly Sheppard's book.
Working on creative projects for a living is absolutely meaningful, challenging, and fun for the most part, but people sometimes forget they require a great deal of time and effort without much in the way of outside feedback. That's why it's all the more EXCITING when you get a little bit of positive public recognition!

My colleague and business partner Pam Lobb and I have been positively glowing lately as a result of some good press our studio Graven Feather has been getting this past month. "In like a lion" they say, and this March lion has been positively roaring with pride. Last Saturday, March 9th, Toronto's Globe & Mail featured a small review of our show in their Twitter Critic section. And last Thursday, we got a great shout out from Blog TO, listing us as #6 on their page of Best DIY Workshops!!

All the more reason to keep updating this blog with work! I'm really going to try and be more consistent with my updates here this year. And I'd like to feature other people that I find inspiring too! So stay tuned!!....and to all of you creative crafters, artists, musicians and work-at-home people....YOU ROCK!! You deserve a star! 4 stars!! Keep it coming and don't look back!

Speaking of which: Check out Danielle Kryssa of Jealous Curator fame, from Vancouver, BC. Her blog is fantastic and inspiring, and she's a cool artist as well. Roa-a-a-a--a-r!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I wish all bears had rainbows directed at the heads of faceless, topless women shooting out of their mouths. Awesome buddy. I can't wait to hear more!